Arts Education

The Arts at Millersville provides access to exceptional artists and educational experiences through the presentation of inclusionary cross-cultural performances, visual arts, films, special events, faculty and student activities, and youth and community outreach programs.

From youth outreach programs like M-Uth to moments of connection between aspiring young musicians with professional artists, Millersville is a hub for arts outreach in Lancaster. We strive to provide access to quality educational experiences and programming in the arts for children, youth, and the larger community.

Curricular Connections

Millersville University’s Office of Visual and Performing Arts aims to support faculty members in their teaching and to enrich the classroom experience. Whether it’s offering experiential learning with curriculum-based arts in the community or inviting artists to speak to classes about politics, family, or cultural exchange, we are committed to supporting the academic mission of Millersville University through the power of the arts. We also hope to foster connections between MU classes and visiting artists. If you haven’t already discovered the breadth and variety of performances at our two performing and visual arts centers, we strongly encourage you to take full advantage of our world-class music, theater and dance engagements as an educational tool for Millersville University students. 

Spring 2024 Faculty Curricular Connections
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