Children do crafts at a family fun fest at the Winter Center

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Young Patrons Submit Artwork of Friends
in Honor of "Corduroy" Screening

Some of our favorite submissions from young patrons who attended the live-streaming event “Corduroy” earlier this month. The play about the beloved stuffed bear of the same name, was adapted for the stage by Barry Kornhauser. The live stream was a production from the Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis, MN. that was offered FREE of charge to 100 families in our community.  For all the submissions in response to our request to share a story, drawing or other work of art describing a favorite friend, the Arts at Millersville made a donation to Toys for Tots.

A child showing off her drawing of a monkey.
Anna and her friend MONKEY the monkey
A children's drawing of "Croaker the Frog".
Ian's friend CROAKER the frog
a child's drawing.
Grace's friend UNI the "caticorn"
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